Staff – workforce management software

STAFF- WORKFORCE is the most important factor in factories or ship yards to build a value to the Customers!

Managers of staff- Workforce teams can use the application-based platform on a mobile or desktop to share jobs created and completed, avoiding paperwork, emails or phone calls.

  • CRM based clients list formulation, stage tracking
  • Applicant tracking
  • Online Staff-workforce & documents  management
  • Pre-employment testing & Recruiting
  • Business projects managements
  • Employee recognition & Performance Appraisals forms
  • Employee scheduling
  • Reporting

Users can check daily schedules and access specific job information with just one click.  We’re committed to helping our customers to care for your careers.  Seanor software is designed to help them to do in simple way Online.

Why our software?

  • Adopted CV and Questionnaire forms to verify right candidate. 
  • Provides a quick insight in and overview of all your staff- Workforce data
  • Fully integrated staff- Workforce Online registration system. They can manage and update own data and documents
  • 24/7 Support desk worldwide for all your questions
  • Filter key for easy control process
  • Reports forms possibilities
  • Smart planning module can integrate as per request. So your managers can easy plan joining or track actual status
  • Available on cloud 24/7

Seanor offers to you complete online data base and planning software arrangements, developed for:

  • Ship yards
  • Factories companies
  • Building companies
  • HR agencies

      Working from a cloud-based mobile system will solve the problem of hand-to-hand contact, save you time and paperwork, and give you access to all your important documents from your device.

   This also applies to your field potential workers if they need to fill out paperwork on-site. Eliminating paperwork is a great way to keep your field workers safe and reducing risk of Covid-19 infections.  Now is the best time to adopt a new system that allows you to work remotely, go paperless, ensure the safety of your field workers and office staff, and stay in contact with your customers.