Crew members PLANNING

With the Crew planning module you easily can make long term period planning ahead. But also fast planning can be done smoothly.

Seanor offers you easy crew change functions to sign on / sign off. For sign on crew the requirements can be checked with the needed qualifications on board. You can plan crew changes ahead. After the completion of a crew change the crew history will be updated. Depending on the type of planning, you can have different views e.g.:

  • per vessel
  • per rank
  • per seafarer

In the planning you will see the planned sailing periods, but also planned training periods or scheduled holidays. In addition, illness is also integrated in the planning. With a crew change process you can proceed reports sending to the crew, agent or the vessel.


   Use Seanor  to plan, manage, track, and talk about your team’s projects. Go beyond planning and get results. No problem if you need rotation planning, back-to-back planning.

   Managers of staff – workforce teams can use the application-based platform on a mobile or desktop to share plans created and completed, avoiding paperwork, emails or phone calls.